Driven by the need for perfect photos for my designs, I’ve reached for the camera and started taking them myself. Necessity very quickly turned into a passion and a great way to break away from the computer screen.
I am mainly focusing on product,food, business and lifestyle photography.

I don’t have to explain how big of a role photography plays in building a brand image or selling a product or a service. This is one of the best and the simplest ways to show to the world what the brand is all about. In today’s world working in marketing or pr means working in a highly curated constant stream of content where each and every article of communication needs to bring some form of exposure or action. My over decade-long experience as a graphic designer means I understand how images work how should they be composed so you can easily use them in any design whether it is a social media campaign or full page spread.

If you are looking for unique photos that represent your brand’s tone of voice please, feel free to get in touch I am always looking for new projects.

Here are some of the photography  services I offer:

– product photography
– food photography
– business photography
– event photography
– photography for social media feed